Sunday, 15 July 2012

No. 7 Natural Blush - Coral Flush

If you're a frequent shopper at Boots and a beauty lover like me, you'll know how satisfying it is when the cashier gives you a coupon for £5 of No. 7 products. A few weeks ago, I redeemed my lovely voucher on one of the blushers from their 'Natural Blush' collection. This one is Coral Flush.

To be honest, I think the name is a bit deceiving. It isn't really what I have in mind for a coral colour when it's in the pan, even more so when I put it on my cheeks. None the less, I absolutely love it. It's a bright, rosy pink with a small hint of gold shimmer. It looks pretty bright at first especially when I think of how pale I am (clown wasn't the look I was going for) but it actually sheers out really nicely.  

Here's the blush swatched against my natural skin tone. Granted, my foundation makes me a little bit darker (but it is the lightest shade in the range so we're not talking tangerine) but it's bright on my cheeks without being garish and completely too obvious. When I think about it... it actually does live up the name these range of blushes has - 'Natural'! I'd definitely think about buying another in a different colour.

The No. 7 Natural Blush's are sold in the UK at Boots stores and online, with a retail price of £9.50 for 5 grams of product. The Natural Blush's can also be found in the USA at Target stores carrying the No.7 line and also on their website, with a retail price of around $8.99.

Until next time, Ellen x

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